The Deadliest Animals on Earth – Ranked

Do you know which animals are the deadliest to humans? You might be surprised! Some of them may lurk in your own backyard. Check-out this countdown of the most deadly creatures on the planet.

So, you think you know your deadly animals? Chances are, you know many dangerous animals to humans but there are several animals and creatures that you are not aware of that are incredibly dangerous (and downright deadly!) to us humans.

What are they and how many people do they kill every year? Let’s take a look!

1Alligators - kill 1 person per year

1Alligators - kill 1 person per year

Just ask anyone living in the sunny state of Florida and they will confirm that alligators are highly feared as a predator to both humans and other animals.

However, did you know that you are far more likely (in fact, 13 times more likely) to lose your life to the humble vending machine than to an alligator? Yes, an alligator does appear to be way more scarier than a vending machine but the statistics speak for themselves! Just remember that the next time you having a one-sided screaming match with a vending machine when it has withheld a snack!

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