Off-Limit Locations You Will Never Be Allowed To Visit

Think the world’s your oyster? If you thought that placing any destination in the world on your bucket list was ok, think again. #15 will leave you worried.

The world’s your oyster…or so you think. If you thought that placing literally any destination in the world on your bucket list was ok, think again. There is a certain amount of places in the world that you are simply not allowed to enter (unless, of course, you are a top secret CIA agent, for example). Let’s take a look at what these no-go areas are…

1Snake Island, Brazil

1Snake Island, Brazil

Sorry to disappoint the inner snake handler in you…

This little island is situated off Brazil’s coastline and is home to no less than 4000 of the earth’s most dangerous snakes, amongst them a few snakes whose venom would easily burn through your flesh should they bite you. Packing the anti-venom is, therefore, a fruitless exercise! The island is closed off to tourists by the Brazilian government which is just as well if you have a snake phobia but highly disappointing if you are fascinated by slithering serpents!

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