Celebrity Stars That Could Be Mistaken as Identical Twins

These stars are often confused with one another … Can you tell them apart?   #15 will send chills down your spine

Did you know stars can face an identity crisis in their lives too?  Does it not surprise you? Everyone should be recognizing the stars and celebrities when you encounter them on the streets. Read on to learn the true picture.


Everybody has an ego. Stars should be having a bigger one. They expect people to recognize them wherever they go. Sometimes there may be a mix-up. People might just not remember who they are when they encounter them all of a sudden. Here you can expect mistakes from people. However, you can see some of these stars enjoying the gaffe. Do you want to see who they are? Come on and join the fun!

People chase Keira Knightly mistaking her for Natalie Portman and now I can see why!

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