Epic Movie Sets That Were Actually Miniature Models

Ever wondered how Hollywood could re-scape an entire city? Many movies are not, in fact, filmed on lifesize sets, but actually on miniature, sometimes table-sized Movie Sets.

Everyone enjoys a good movie, but do you know what it takes to make a Hollywood blockbuster? Have you ever watched a “behind the scenes” feature on your favorite movie and found out what went into creating, producing and directing the actual movie?

If you did, you would most likely find that many movies are not, in fact, filmed on life size sets but on miniature sets and that several professionals (including carpenters, artists, painters and architects) are involved in their construction! Let’s take a look at some of the most epic movie sets that were actually miniature models!

#1 GoldenEye – 1995

This is quite a realistic miniature film set from the famous 1995 movie, “Goldeneye”. Admit it, if you watched the movie, you probably sat back and admired the stunning background scenery with its stunning with its stunningly beautiful trees and snow-capped mountains. You may have even been tempted to visit the Siberian wonderland in which this awesome movie was set!

Well, this James Bond classic certainly does deceive a person: until you disappointingly realize that the beautiful Siberian mountains are dwarfed by a guy dressed in jeans who is casually tossing them in fake snow! What a horrible disappointment!

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