Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day

Evidence now shows one large cause for cancer is the food we eat. I am guilty of consuming #8 daily … Are you?

Despite all the advances in medicine and preventive healthcare, there is no let up in cancer. Rates of cancers worldwide are up and unfortunately there is no cure for this dreadful disease. The only treatments available for cancer are toxic drugs, radiation and surgery- all fraught with serious complications. Today, there is strong evidence that one reason why we are seeing a high number of cancers is because of the foods we eat.

#1 Processed Meats

Processed/Smoked Meats include bacon, sausages, bologna, hot dogs, prosciutto and pimento loaf .. they are known to contain many chemicals and preservatives, including sodium nitrate. 

While these smoked meats taste great they are also contain substances that are potent carcinogens. The smoking process adds tar and other aromatic hydrocarbons, which are not good for health.

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