Mysterious Google Earth Discoveries That Will Make You Wonder

There is a dark and scary side to Google Earth, as will be revealed each time Google Earth discovered something particularly strange. #20 will flare more UFO conspiracy theories.

You’ve probably only ever used Google Earth for looking at mundane things such as your house and places that you are familiar with. But Google Earth is so much more than this and has been designed to captivate, fascinate and mesmerize us by transporting us to faraway places in the comfort of our own homes.

However, there is a dark and scary side to Google Earth: as will be revealed by the following list! Let’s check out some of the times that Google Earth discovered something interesting!

#1 Giant Queen Head, Canada

If you don’t believe in mystical forces, the Giant Queen Head in Alberta, Canada may change your mind! Also known as the “Badlands Guardian” and the “Indian Head”, it seems as though it has been perfectly hand carved but, spookily enough, it is a completely natural formation! This is therefore just a coincidence: or is it?

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