The Deadliest Animals on Earth – Ranked

Do you know which animals are the deadliest to humans? You might be surprised! Some of them may lurk in your own backyard. Check-out this countdown of the most deadly creatures on the planet.

So, you think you know your deadly animals? Chances are, you know many dangerous animals to humans but there are several animals and creatures that you are not aware of that are incredibly dangerous (and downright deadly!) to us humans.

What are they and how many people do they kill every year? Let’s take a look!

#1 Sharks – kill 5 people per year

Ever since the famous and scary 1975 movie, “Jaws”, sharks have been given an incredibly bad rap. This is a bit unfair, however because they only consume around 5 human beings and one dog per year which is not bad compared with other animals.

It should be noted that sharks do not have a penchant for human flesh only and will, in fact, eat anything in their path- they are really not fussy! They have even been known to eat some of the rubbish floating around in the ocean. It just goes to show that they are one of our planets oldest surviving animal species.

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#2 Wolves – kill 10 people per year

Upping the ante a little, in 22nd place we have wolves who maul approximately ten humans a year. They have calmed down a lot though, because in previous centuries (eg. from the 14th through to the 19th centuries) they would routinely kill literally hundreds of human beings each year.

This would explain why wolves have played a central role as the scary bad guy in children’s fairy tales and stories throughout the ages. Just think back to all those horrendous illustrations of wolves with sharp, long teeth dripping with blood: makes you want to run away in fear! Yikes!

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#3 Horses – kill 20 people per year

If you have never been horse riding before and have a phobia about it, don’t worry, your fears are not unfounded because although horses appear to be gentle creatures who have an affinity with humans, they are capable of killing up to 20 of us every year! Quite surprising when they don’t eat meat!

This fatality rate is probably due to the fact that horses are prone to kicking, swaying and leaping up into the air when they are nervous and afraid, leading to people falling off and getting injured or dying. So, whatever you do, always wear your helmet and don’t frighten your horse!

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