The Deadliest Animals on Earth – Ranked

Do you know which animals are the deadliest to humans? You might be surprised! Some of them may lurk in your own backyard. Check-out this countdown of the most deadly creatures on the planet.

#10 Lions – kill 250 people per year

No one is surprised that the lion is considered a dangerous animal. As the king of the jungle and an apex predator, both animals and humans alike respect and are frightened of it.

Yes, they spend the majority of their time sleeping and appear lazy but don’t think that it is the large male lion with the massive mane that you need to be most afraid of. The female lioness is the talented hunter and will think nothing of mauling you alive if she is provoked or feels that her pride is in danger in any way. 250 dead humans every year is proof of this!

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#11 Elephants – kill 500 people per year

The chilled out African elephant that eats green leaves and slowly ambles around the African bush really doesn’t look like a people killer in any way, shape or form. Although it does take a lot to anger an African elephant, when they are angry, they are angry!

This huge creature will charge at you and when he does, you stand no chance against his massive form. As they say, an elephant never forgets, so if you have angered an elephant in the past, rather avoid him in the future just in case he decides to charge you with his herd!

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#12 Hippos – kill 600 people per year

The hippo may be a very large animal and definitely not very muscular-looking at all but it does kill a whopping 600 people per year in Africa alone, making it the largest land mammal on earth!

Despite what they look like, they are very aggressive, can be angered quickly and have extremely sharp teeth so if you are caught by one, you have literally had your day! In addition, weighing close to 2,5 tons, if an angry hippo sits on you, it will quickly crush you to death. Again, rather keep your distance and look at one from afar!

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