The Deadliest Animals on Earth – Ranked

Do you know which animals are the deadliest to humans? You might be surprised! Some of them may lurk in your own backyard. Check-out this countdown of the most deadly creatures on the planet.

#19 Tsetse Flies – kill 12,000 per year

The Tsestse fly gives a whole new meaning to the insect known as the fly! Although it looks roughly the same as your average housefly, it can do a whole lot more damage. This fly has the ability to bite large mammals and suck their blood causing a parasitic disease (African trypanosomiasis or sleeping sickness).

This dangerous disease causes painful headaches, fever, joint pain, nausea and vomiting. It also leads to brain swelling and trouble with sleep. It mostly affects people living in Sub-Saharan Africa and approximately 12,000 people die from the disease every year: all because of a tiny fly!

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#20 Dogs – kill 25,000 per year

Apologies in advance to all the dog lovers out there. However, the fact remains that dogs kill around 25,000 people every year. This is not because they are vicious or agressive but because, in many countries, dogs are not vaccinated against Rabies.

When dogs contract Rabies, they get out of control and attack and kill humans. A human being contracts Rabies from an infected dog bite and dying from Rabies is one of the most dreadful ways in which to die. Obviously, in the developing world, you are far more likely to encounter a Rabid dog and die from a Rabies bite.

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#21 Snakes – kill 50,000 per year

We bet you aren’t surprised that snakes are in the number 3 position! With so many people having a phobia about snakes, it is no wonder. There is no shortage of highly venomous snakes on Earth, with the Western Taipan snake being the most deadliest one. A bite from this scary snake can kill you within 45 minutes! The good news is that this rarely happens.

Most of the deadliest snakes in the world are found in Asia and Australia so if you really do not want to die in this way, rather avoid these areas (or simply carry an anti-venom kit)!

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