How New Science Can Make You Look Young Again

It is 100% true and universally acknowledged … that a happy woman is a woman who has beautifully hydrated, young-looking skin.

If you’re a woman and you see a teenage girl sitting next to her grandma, on a subway or a bench in a park, one of the first things you may notice is the difference between the skins of these two women who share very similar genetic make-up. The radiance of youth and the wrinkles of old age are a striking reality of life. This stark difference between these women is because of one reason and that reason is age. If only there was a way to go back in time but there isn’t, if there was we would’ve killed to be a part of that queue. The solution perhaps lies somewhere else.

Researchers have found that the best way to prevent and hinder the signs of age is to begin taking care of your skin at the earliest, in the age group where you’re enjoying the bounties of life, the carefree 20s. However, not many 20-somethings ponder over the researches published in scientific magazines primarily aimed at dermatologists and they can’t be blamed for that. Our 20s is a decade of youth and opulence.

Taking proper care of your skin is a combination which involves a good memory and discipline. You must remember to apply sunscreen before leaving your home but a multitude of lotions and other skincare products need to be applied daily just to keep your skin hydrated. However, there’s a savior in the guise of a scientist from MIT, who wears his lab coat and studies the effects of age on our skin. His research has discovered that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for the effects of aging and the needs of our skins change with age. This research has led him to launch skincare products catering to women of different ages, he calls this line Stages of Beauty.

The first of these creams, Radiance, is aimed at keeping our skin radiated in our 20s. The formula is composed of anti-aging products combined with sunscreen to avoid damage from going out in the sun in our carefree 20s. This helps in preventing the development of fine lines in our 30s.Our 20s didn’t need much effort from our side to stay hydrated but the equation changes in the 30s. Harmony aims at providing a harmonious solution to our aging problem. It has a two-fold action, to keep our skin hydrated and have a tightening effect.

Our 40s can either be extremely elegant or enormously horrendous, depending on whether you choose to do something about your aging or not. Elegance comes to our rescue in this decade by stimulating the production of proteins which prevent wrinkles. The process is tough but the solution has been elegantly managed.

The solution for our 50s has been aptly named Grace since the only aim that remains now is to look graceful. This is anti-aging cream for women on steroids. It has been boosted to increase the tightness of your skin and give the impression of a younger self.The beauty of this treatment is that it has been tested on everyday women who have children and grandchildren, who are working moms, who’re everything you’re and they’ve been satisfied with the results of an 8-week trial. You can also begin your trial by clicking here, the time to save your future self from spots and wrinkles is now.