How to Find That Lost Someone on the Internet

Looking for a lost friend, or someone who owes you money? It’s a lot easier than you think today with new research tools.

It was the last day of your college graduation ceremony. You were looking around for someone. That special, someone who was about to move out of the States; but hang on, you can’t find him anywhere. You are at a loss to think what you could do to get his new address and then a bulb lightens over your head and you get a brilliant idea….

Man is a social animal. He craves company. That company might be social, professional or even a park bench one. But once that relationship has been established, people want a permanent address to keep that going and quite many times the locale part is left untouched thereby casting you in misery.

Well, the 21st century has gifted you with plenty and much of that plenty comes across the internet; so does establishing connection. Now it isn’t very hard to find someone on the internet. There are certain ways by which, you can locate your friend or colleague anywhere. Let us see through some of them.

The Google King!

Open up your smartphone or laptop and punch in the details of the person you are trying to locate. Google hardly fails anyone. It will pile up a list of results which you can peruse at luxury. However, be warned that it might not always be very successful. Along with names, a huge number of details will also show which makes it quite hard to go through. Anyway, fortune favors the brave!


Phonebook usually has all the details of anyone living in a certain area. But with the popularity of cell phones in the last decade or so, landlines have become a little less sought after. Still, if you know the area code, you can try your luck.

The Yellow’s White Pages is an amazing website that has been solely developed to get in touch with anyone you are trying to find. If someone keeps calling you and doesn’t leave a message you can easily go onto the website and use the search options there. Interestingly so, when you find the phone number in the search results, just log in to the white pages section and you will get a host of information which may include names, addresses, phone numbers, GPS directions, and more. You can also opt to a reverse phone lookup which turns up further information relating to email addresses, other phone numbers, detailed background information, public records, property and area info, and social network profiles.  All this is a part of the white pages.

Social Networking

Social networking nexus has extended to a great magnitude. Demographically nearly 65 percent of US citizens are socially online and it is expected that 50 percent of the world’s population will penetrate the internet by mid-2016. This gives a huge advantage of searching someone on social networking websites, the most popular of which being the Facebook. Type in the name and view the profiles. Although cumbersome yet extremely result oriented. You can also locate people using common groups or pages on the website.

Lastly, you definitely have to try LinkedIn for results, especially if the person is related to a business field or so. LinkedIn will help you in finding out the professional profiles, which also feature email addresses, phone numbers and what not!

Well, good luck searching for that particular someone who you want to meet or the mysterious phone number who keeps calling you!