Lower Your Golf Handicap by 30% with a Simple Trick

Golf is one amazing game, and sometimes, can be amazingly difficult .. Learn this one little simple trick to improve your game.

Regardless of how long you have played golf, you are most probably aware that it is a sport wherein you will be able to try over and over again in order to improve. You may spend thousands of dollars on lessons, watch countless of videos, and read as many articles for tips as you can. However, your game is still frustrating and inconsistent.

Playing golf is difficult, but must it be that difficult?

Our greatest problem is that we have a tendency of complicating the golf swing. As a matter of fact, it has been discovered that there is one best-kept secret in golf with the power of revolutionizing your game. It is all about one magic move that Tiger Woods used, and other tour professionals across the globe.

The move works perfectly with each single club in your golf bag whiles serving to free your body and mind for maximum performance. Teachers are coaching the wrong swing for several decades now, in accordance to a 3-part DVD series, titled “The Truth About Golf”. On the surface, it may look like a slap in the face to many golfers, but with the success of thousands of students, it has been proven that the theory is correct time and again.

A teaching pro, AJ Bonar, asserts that most teachers were using methods that both paralyze and confuse budding golfers.

In accordance to AJ Bonae, they have been taught to worry about their head, shoulder, and hips. SO much more that their swing’s natural beauty had been decimated, with their power being depleted. By knowing exactly where your club’s face is in your hands at any given time, you will get control over the ball. The whole teaching method of this teaching pro has been apprehended in his DVD series that is bestselling. He will walk you with systematic but profound tips and insights. The winning combination made the series enormously famous on The Golf Channel and about what he was featured many times in the leading publications such as Golf Magazine and Sports Illustrated.

You can now take your game into the next level, while also simplifying your knowledge with regards to golf swing through the 3-part series. In fact, you are going to learn how to use each club in your bag better, having a capability to hit the course confidently. The instruction of Bonar is going to save you a great amount of money on the golf lessons, which most commonly do not lead to a greater knowledge and understanding about how you should hit every club.

The developer of club’s testing standards, along with ball and shaft testing, put AJ Bonar’s method to test.

It is not only speculation. It analyzed around 17 participants who watched the DVDs and found that all golfers were actually able to increase their distance, and they improved their precision. The key to lowering your golf handicap by as much as 30% is simplicity. Get started and play the kind of golf that you have always been dreaming of.