The 9 Cancer Symptoms Everyone Overlooks Until Its Too Late

Don’t miss these tell-tale cancer symptoms, which most people can easily ignore until it’s too late. #8 is most common!

There are many types of cancer and the symptoms often depend on the location and size of the tumor. However, in general, there are some symptoms that are commonly seen in all patients who develop cancer. Usually symptoms of cancer tend to present late when the cancer has spread or is large. It is important for the individual to understand that most of these symptoms are not specific for any cancer and many other non-cancerous medical disorders can present with similar features.  

When any of the following symptoms persist, it is important to see your healthcare provider to determine the cause. Here are some symptoms that are common with many cancers.

#1 Chronic Pain

Pain is a common feature for most advanced cancers; however in some cases, cancers that develop on critical organs may cause pain much early in the course. Pain from cancer may be due to the cancer invading the local tissues or it may be due to metastatic disease spread to the bone. Anytime cancer spreads to the bone, pain will occur. This pain is often moderate to severe and continuous and frequently occurs at night. The pain can severely affect the quality of life.

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