Emergency Gear You Will Need to Survive the Apocolypse in Style

To survive any global disaster, you must prepare to have the following survival items to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones.

Believing in the end of times is associated with being a staunch supporter of Christianity and Biblical values. Some may even call you a Hollywood fanatic if you tell them about a natural disaster bringing an end to the life on this planet. The case can be anything but it is better to be safe than sorry.

You might believe that during those times there will be enough relief organizations or charities that will cater to the demands of the human race. Trust me, you couldn’t be more wrong. They will only be available to those who have a better access to them and will eventually run out of their survival kits.

Whether you see this world ending due to a nuclear war, a rogue asteroid, viral outbreak or flesh-eating undead, you must check the following survival items on your list to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones.

#1 Initial Water Supply

Water may not be a gadget or invention, but it has to be the most important article on your list of emergency food supplies. You can easily go on about two weeks without food but, without water, you cannot even survive two days. Stock up enough water that will easily last for months (you never know when the catastrophe is going to end).

It is better to stock the water in the form of small disposable bottles as compared to huge containers that can hold many liters of water. Obviously, it will not be easy for you to carry those containers and save your life when a hurricane is right at the corner of your street.

Make sure that you have all your water bottles placed at the safest location possible. Your water reserve has to be protected the most because when it’s the end of the world a single drop will be equal to a million dollars for you.