Emergency Gear You Will Need to Survive the Apocolypse in Style

To survive any global disaster, you must prepare to have the following survival items to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones.

#27 E-Tool Survival Shovel

A shovel is a very important tool that should be among your survival supplies when you are in the wild or on outdoor adventures. You would want to dig up one or two places. In other cases, you might need to dig before you are able to set up your tent. 

This shovel would come in handy in carrying out this task. Apart from digging, the shovel also has a knife, a saw and a hammer. You can thus easily change to any of these tools whenever you have need of them. With this shovel with you, you can be sure that you would conquer a lot of the wild with this tool.

You can use this tool to fill sand in your sandbags. Not just this, it will help you in breaking into a house by breaking the door or window so that you can get some food or other necessary items from the house. 

When needed, it will not just act as a tool but a life-saving weapon as well. Use it to break the bones or the skulls of those zombies who are the reason you are now far away from having a normal life. The best part about the tool is it can easily be folded to fit into your backpack.