Most Ridiculous Construction Fails the World Has Ever Seen

Construction fails happen every day, but some may make you wonder what they were drinking … #12 will freak you out!

#13 Too Kool For Shcool

Would you still say that school is cool if you saw a sign that didn’t get the spelling right? Not to mention, it’s near the school. Ugh. What's worse, kids might think it’s the correct spelling of that word.

The man with the cap is wondering what he was thinking. Was he drunk when they were writing this out on the road? Do not worry champ because it’s cool this way. We’ll make it a new slang for school, and I am quite sure the kids will love it. 

Only some with nerdy habits will tend to doubt your IQ level. Anyway, they won’t know who did it. There’s a chance of finding an escape from the embarrassment until your boss starts questioning whether you even attended junior school or not. 

Seriously, did you?