Off-Limit Locations You Will Never Be Allowed To Visit

Think the world’s your oyster? If you thought that placing any destination in the world on your bucket list was ok, think again. #15 will leave you worried.

#4 North Sentinel Island, India

Is this the World's most Dangerous Island?  Well, it's not your average “Survivor” experience.   

Visiting the beautiful North Sentinel Island in India is not what you would expect from such a stunning place. This isolated spot is wild in more ways than one! 

The lush vegetation has perhaps had an effect on the local island inhabitants who do not take kindly to visitors. Anyone who tries to set foot on their territory should be prepared to die as they are not averse to using large rocks or shooting fire arrows to thwart them. They have been  isolated and free of any modern influence. They shoot arrows at planes, boats, and anyone  who tries to set foot on their island!!

It is just as well that the Indian government has declared North Sentinel Island out of bounds.