Off-Limit Locations You Will Never Be Allowed To Visit

Think the world’s your oyster? If you thought that placing any destination in the world on your bucket list was ok, think again. #15 will leave you worried.

#6 Room 39, North Korea

More than just your normal room.

With such an innocuous-sounding name, you would think Room 39 wouldn’t be the site of such scary operations such as counterfeiting and drug smuggling. 

Little is known about Room 39 and we suspect that the less we know, the better! Although you are not allowed to enter Room 39 under any circumstances, if you were dead set on going there, it would be very difficult indeed. 

First you would have to enter North Korea (which is almost impossible in itself to do legally). Then, Room 39, which is situated in Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital city, is in a secret and impenetrable government facility.