The Craziest Pictures Caught On-Camera at the Most Unexpected Moment

Here is a collection of captured pictures you “just had to be there” for. #21 will blow your mind!

#17 Special Delivery from Stork Express

When my little brother was born, my mom always told me that he was delivered to us on our doorstep by a stork. This picture is enough to prove this idea to any of the toddlers that we actually get our babies from storks. 

The only thing to wonder about it if the little children will start taking the stork express serious and would insist on placing an order for a baby whenever they want to have one. In such a condition, just let them know that the delivery time is no less than 9 months.

Growing up, this is how every cartoon explained how babies were made.   Now they have proof.   Now I understand what is meant by the ‘visit by the stork’.