The Craziest Pictures Caught On-Camera at the Most Unexpected Moment

Here is a collection of captured pictures you “just had to be there” for. #21 will blow your mind!

#7 Steam Engine

I am running out of gas now. I urgently need refueling.  So that's where all the climate change was coming from.

The inhabitants of this particular area must definitely be facing global warming at a pace much faster than the rest of the world. The guy definitely has some talent but I only wish to ask about his diet from him. I’m also wondering if the plants go dead in that place within months and if people are facing some deadly diseases because of a mysterious cloud that circulates the area and carries with it the most unpleasant odor.

The only thing I am thankful for right now is that I am not one of those who live in that area. I do hope, though, that winds never bring this cloud anywhere near I live.