The Craziest Pictures Caught On-Camera at the Most Unexpected Moment

Here is a collection of captured pictures you “just had to be there” for. #21 will blow your mind!

#36 Want Ssssssssome Popcorn?

Do not worry; I know to use the microwave. I am just warming up some food to eat. 

Mr. Snake is here in your house just to get some popcorn and enjoy the movie Snakes on a Plane with you and your whole family. Sounds so much fun, no? It seems that he already knows how to operate a microwave oven and probably is wondering how will fit you in it for warming prior to having you for his dinner. 

You must tell Mr. Snake that it must be quite easy for both of you because you are quite ready to fit yourself inside the microwave being the genuine person you are.

I think its time to find a new set of roommates.