The Craziest Pictures Caught On-Camera at the Most Unexpected Moment

Here is a collection of captured pictures you “just had to be there” for. #21 will blow your mind!

#50 Lean on me

One more push and the Leaning Tower of Pisa will no longer lean. 

So this is the reason that the leaning tower of Pisa got its world famous lean. This girl must be found and the government of Italy must thank her for her uncountable and unimaginable contribution to the cultural heritage of the country. 

She must be applauded for her abilities because she actually knew at which point she must stop applying force on the tower because otherwise there won’t have been any leaning tower of Pisa in the world. Oh, who’s the amazing photographer by the way?

Okay, this gag might be a little overdone, but its still cool to watch.