The Craziest Pictures Caught On-Camera at the Most Unexpected Moment

Here is a collection of captured pictures you “just had to be there” for. #21 will blow your mind!

#42 Slinky Kittie

Wait until I catch hold of your tail. I have been looking for this opportunity for a long time.   Do you know many yoga sessions it took this cat?  

The cat has reached a new level of elasticity challenging its genes and its race. It is unknown whether this trait was inborn or the cat achieved it through yoga but in any case, it has surely managed to impress a number of people. The only thing that concerns me is why is she covering herself with that circular foil? It is because it doesn’t want to reveal something special about her superpower or is it the foil that makes her so elastic? The cat definitely has a lot of hidden mysteries which it only reveals to the people it trusts.