Walmart Cameras Capture Photos That Are Too Shocking To Watch

It’s only a matter of time before “Security Cameras of Walmart” become a Reality TV Show … Until then, cast your eyes on the strangest shoppers you will ever see at your local WalMart.

#25 A Really Bad Egg

Did she just come out of the frying pan to do some shopping at Walmart? Well, at least she could have added some salt and black pepper, because that is typically how I like my fried eggs.  

I think this picture should be taken away because it can ignite the hunger buds of a person after looking at such a tempting fried egg. Hmmm, yumm yumm. Wait! Is that Satan’s pitchfork? The egg is already well-prepared to keep all the hungry people away from it.

What can you say about an egg coming at you with Satan's Pitchfork?    Only at Walmart.

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