Walmart Cameras Capture Photos That Are Too Shocking To Watch

It’s only a matter of time before “Security Cameras of Walmart” become a Reality TV Show … Until then, cast your eyes on the strangest shoppers you will ever see at your local WalMart.

#34 To The Moon Alice

Are you trying to hide some toilet paper in that pocket? Well, your secret is out now and you need to confess your crime to the security people at the store.  Stocking up for the COVID quarentine?

At least you could have picked up the paper that was rolling down.  If I was actually present there, I would have certainly stepped on it no matter what the consequences would have been.  Or is it that you forget your way out of the mall and are trying to keep a track to the exit through such a large box store.   Keep in mind, there are exit signs just about everywhere.

Still, I think Jackie Gleason wore it better than that.

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