Walmart Cameras Capture Photos That Are Too Shocking To Watch

It’s only a matter of time before “Security Cameras of Walmart” become a Reality TV Show … Until then, cast your eyes on the strangest shoppers you will ever see at your local WalMart.

#8 A round of applause for those boots

I think he found WalMart as the only place to wear these spectacular crocodile hunting shoes.

Wouldn’t it be fun if this guy could join us in playing a game that requires throwing a ball through the loops on those shoes? Sounds interesting, right? 

There is a chance that he might be in Walmart looking for those people who are willing him to join him in such a game. Well, my friends and I are ready to play with him but the condition is that with each ball that goes through the huge holes, he must buy us something from the store. Ha!

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